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law would put them at ease. and rosemary fought alongside for this bill. >> they were under pressure because california changed it's contract. and said if employees under this car, you better find them. >> companies say they're complying with the bill, violateors subject to criminal prosecution and the bill will pass a support during the current session. for callie, it was that day. >> i couldn't sit still and let them be forgoten and let other families be at risk. for a failed policy. >> the company says technology has progressed and now, it can
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block the renting of recalled vehicles and the companies they will file offenders. >> this is a tough line on this. >> she did. >> and now, for an update breaking news at 4:00 a young child is being transferred right now to a trauma center. she was hit riding her bike on a novato street. it happened near sandy creek road. there is police say the man driving hit the girl, you can see impact to the vehicle. the little girl was riding her bike. he is cooperating with this investigation. and that little girl is in critical condition. >> there are police looking for a mother who they say abandoned her 10-year-old daughter, police say the 38-year-old filled a shopping cart with groceries in a
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safeway eight days ago telling her daughter to wait by the exit with the cart until she drove up. she did and she saw store employees talking to the daughter. the mother took off and hasn't been seen since. the little girl is staying with her grandmother. >> worried parents trying to get information about the arrest of a middle schoolteacher that is facing charges tonight accused of committing a lewd act with an under aged student. haura anthony is live where a meeting is going to happen shortly. >> this is a closed door meeting set to get underway with set for 5:00. again, a closed door meeting and this is to discuss a serious allegation against a popular teacher here that kids called mr. i. >> what? >> there? >> there are students and
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parents stunned to learn a popular teacher and coach had been arrested. the 28-year-old was arrested in this home wednesday on a single count of a lewd act with a child under age 14. and former students can't believe the crime. >> he was very nice and charming and he was friendly z not in a creepy way but you're a cool teacher way. >> the school superintendent says he was hired in 2007 ask received a full time position as a sixth grade teacher in 2008. >> very active at the school and is involved in leadership programs and coaching volleyball. >> the allegation against him came to light after the principal contacted
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administrators. police would only say he had a quote inappropriate relationship with an under aged student who is still in the district. >> i nice family. >> willy bennett live add cross from the teacher and his family many years. >> i give him all moral support boy like to know what is going on behind it. >> and we haven't seen a huge influx of parents yet and there is a game going on. so there are heeks -- a lot of folks here for athat. and he was released from jail in dublin, set to be arraigned in oakland tomorrow afternoon. >> thank you very much. a man and two teenagers accused of a smash and grab
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robbery after four men stormed the store in the ball. claiming they grabbed jewel skpri took off. nobody was hurt in this robbery. police are still looking for a fourth robber. >> there is police working to control the state. members of the group called raven are going to be riding in marked vehicles, reporting suspicious activity to professional officers and will check homes of people that are away on vacation. with you they do chaits chase, nor capture suspected criminal autos they do a super job in representing us and our mission and to give a quality product here in newark. >> there are volunteers have to pass a background check. >> and there are more jobs
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just lost in northern california. comcast moved a thousand jobs out of state. now, campbell's soup announced it's closing its sacramento plant next july. that is going to cost several hundred people jobs. campbell says times changed l. >> there is sacramento with highest costs per case of any plant in the u.s. so it costs more to make a case of soup here than it does in ohio, or in north carolina. and in texas. >> they did not release details and will still operate plants employing more than 2000 people in dixon, stockton and bakers feemd. >> there is bank of america holding a marathon mortgage event taking place at hyatt embarcadero hotel. there are dozens of stations
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set up to help homeowners. homeowners are hopeful. >> i just thought wampk bank of america didn't care. today, yesterday, showed human side of bank of america. >> and i feel the goal is helping people stay in their house it is an event continues until 8:00 tonight. more ep hep going to be available tomorrow. and. >> your private information is a little safer tonight thanks to a law signed today by governor brown preventing employers from asking for your facebook or other social media pass words so they can checkup on you. there is where we are are live tonight with a look at what this new law will mean to you and your boss. >> governor brown stopped a technology trend before it became a problem. >> i receive aid tweet.
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>> in this world governor brown used twitter to announce he's approved a pair of bill making it illegal to ask for those pass words saying california pieo yeared a -- pioneered a social revolution. and a growing number of employers were asking for pass words and to see their facebook pages. and there are recruiters not allowed to ask questions but they defend this practice because ate lous them to make sure they aren't hiding a big secret. and there is andy jones says so many people are desperate they'll hand it over but that is not the way to find out more about a phone shall employee. >> there are all of us have private lives we have to keep
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private and not having to worry about how an employer might find out about it. >> there are coaches wanting to look to make sure player were not getting into trouble. >> one of the things we've got to understand is that in this technology is that you have to be respectful of our principles. we respect privacy. >> there is jasmine with her page set to private and is glad she won't be asked for her pass word. >> that is my background and they do legal requirements before hiring a person. >> there is some people using it to access bank accounts. and california now joins maryland and illinois in banning the practice of asking for the pass words. >> thank you so.
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the man made the antimuslim film that caused blood shed in the arab world is under arrest for violating his probation. he is seen here earlier was on probation for check fraud. the film trailer is all but been released. depicting the prephet mohammed as a child molester. >> there is downtown sidewalk now off limits to occupy protestors. there is four people arrested. and occupy activists admit that that became a haven for homeless but insist they still were getting messages out. >> if you come by during the day there are a number of people who are manying down to devote their time to talking to people and handing out literature.
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and being very forth coming. >> and there are leaflets warning that it would be removed. demonstrators say they plan to return. >> and residents in oakland will get a chance to sound off tonight there is a possibility of putting noise barriers sometime now. a 2009 survey found area near college avenue would benefit from the wall. the meeting gives a chance to give opinions. and this goes from 7:00 to 9:00 tonight. >> a lot more still to come here, coming up, what is inside trader joe's meat that has people asking the chain to make a change. >> and there is the rover discovering new proof of water on mars. >> there is weekend almost here. so is the heat. we'll have an autumn warm
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upbringing temperatures and i'll have details coming up. >> and there is a newcomer to oakland zoo that is named after a relative newcomer to warriors. stay with us. the news at 5:00 continues in just a moment.
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13 people under arrest following a raid on a single neighborhood. 150 cops and fbi agents seized 300 pot plants after serving warrants on 3 homes near the auto mall. authorities say this neighborhood looked and smelled like a pot farm. and investigators say most have links to gangs. the raid planned after complaints from neighbor autos there is an actor moan for a
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role in "sons of anarchy" has been found dead. police believe the 28-year-old beat his 81-year-old land laid yeah to death in her los angeles home, then jumped a fence, and attacked a neighbor. police arrive they had found his body in a driveway and they think he might have fallen from a roof. inside they found the land lady's body as well as a dead cat. lewis is released from jail after serving time for an assault and burglary case. >> there is a movement calling on trader joes to stop selling meat raised with antibiotics. the union delivered half a million signatures to the chain as part of a meat perfect out drugs campaign. and crediting trader joes for offer something proteins free of medication. >> and there is an executive from google released from
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brazilian custody. he is in google's senior executive and was questioned by police after a judge ruled google had to take down a video critical of a local mayoral candidate reportedly violating brazilian election law. there is a rejection on responsibility for content posted on you tube. >> presidential candidates will have a thousand new voters to win over this november. >> more than 1200 people took the oath this morning at oakland paramount theater. the chancellor gave the key note address and is from canada, becoming a citizen last year. today's new citizens able to register in time for the upcoming presidential election. congratulations to them. >> and governor has sign aid new bill designed to help rescued animals keeping them
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alive as investigators investigate neglect and hoarding cases. before that law they may have been put down to free up space in sqlerlts and the bill will speed up the investigation process. >> there is crews out fogging in brentwood to prevent the spread of west nile virus in an area that is boarded there on the map this, is just after confran confirmed its first human case since 2005. and there are officials believe he was infected in the city or another bay area county. >> there is another native drawing crowds in oakland it's not the waters drn s
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sh -- warriors star this, is a little guy he just left his mother's house. so cute. is positioned in the wild australia exhibit going to have up to three and a half acres to roam. >> that would be bad. >> and jaim is joey. joey the joey. >> and let's talk about the weather. >> and there is weather going to be wonderful for joey the joey. and for us humans as well. there is a beautiful shot from santa cruz. there is not exactly beach weather. fog hanging on. high temperatures there holding in the 60s this afternoon z that is all about to change. break out shorts and flip flops. getting ready to hit the beach this weekend it's going to get warm looking from our east bay camera. there is fog there. the corner stayed shallow meaning dense fog again and
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checking out live doppler 7 and at the coastline, it's foggy now. sunny skies inland. and highs so far running into low 90s coastal areas into mid to upper 50s everyone noticing a warm up at the coast by a couple degrees and there are visibility down to five miles this, morning there is dense fog and down to a quarter mile at times. that is what you're facing heading into tomorrow. temperatures now low to mid-90s inland valleys so up to 94 in fairfield. 54 in half moon bay there. is a summer like spread. there are areas of fog tonight that are holding steady. tomorrow morning fog may slow you down. so make sure you grab a
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sweater. and there is upper 40s to mid-50s and here is what is going to happen tomorrow. we'll see temperatures dipping just slightly there. is a low getting closer and there is winds switching around. two areas of high pressure coming together. starting to see a warmer pattern developing sea breeze shuts off. and there is sunday, monday, hottest days of the next seven days talking triple digit heat by monday, inland. high temperatures 78 degrees for cupertino. i know some of you love the fog and san francisco. that is why you live here we're going to get another day of fog along the coast. 75 in pal yes alto. there is another cool afternoon in daily city. there is wild to -- mild to warm readings. east bay communities 72 degrees in hayward.
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71 oakland. mid-70s around hercules. you'll end up with a sunny day. inland communities short sleeve weather. 88 in livermore, 90 degrees in brentwood. monterey bay, 63 degrees and fog lingering. accu-weather forecast, mild to warm for your friday away from the coastline. much warmer looking at saturday. there are mid-90s inland there is sunday, monday, low to mid-70s and inland areas there is upper 90s to low 100s. let's switch gears here, abc 7 about to make someone $49,000 richer, are you ready for this? go to facebook dochl and like us. and there is the winner october 18th right after the 49ers take on seattle seahawks. if you like us, if you're liking us have you to, right?
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there is a chance go to our facebook page. click that $49,000 button that will take you to the page where you can enter and really it's your chance to win big. simple form to fill out. you can be $49,000 richer. >> why not? >> it's cool. >> it is. >> thank you very much. >> and listen to this. there is a discovery on mars what they found suggests plants once had water. >> hands on training for scientists of tomorrow. at 6:00 access local high schoolers are getting to solve advanced labs in the world.
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mars curiosity rover shows water once flowed in the area. scientists analyzed sized and shapes near the landing point and they believe the water was deep, and flowed quickly. it's headed towards a spot where terrain meets. >> and business has done something we know here, san francisco named top city is in the nth nation. business week and bloomberg teamed up to evaluate 100 largest cities in the country citing restaurants, education rates, and sports teams as the reason san francisco came out on top. seattle, washington and boston and portland round out the top five. oakland is 31, san jose, 33. >> and all of our cities are great. >> representing for us. >> and world's largest ferris
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wheel is in the works. >> u.s. city building it in the hope it will becomej
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coming up at 6:00 financial crisis threatening existence of the biggest college in the country here in the bay area. the blueprint about to be used to try to save it a mazing success of santana row, how it rose and survived a recession. and he's guided a commute for decades. there is a radio legend prepared to turn off his mic for the last time. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> and he'll be missed. thank you. >> staten island not usually a tourist attraction. >> the borough is planning the world's largest ferris wheel. >> this is going to show use of the

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